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Drug Free Workplace Employer

Valentine Masonry is family owned and has been doing Masonry In Central Ohio for generations. Our name is widely recognized recognized and tied with Integrity. Valentine Masonry owners are on site not constantly sitting in the office. We participate heavily onsite to ensure our jobs run ahead of schedule. Clean, Safe & quality jobsites are what we strive for, we self-perform our work to ensure clients get Valentine Masonry standards. We pay employees well and that ensures us the best masons and tenders in central Ohio. Building is the future and we’ll be right there performing this one or more buildings at a time.

Valentine Masonry is a family owned business established in 2011, our family on the Valentine side has been in masonry since before arriving from Germany in the mid 1700’s.  It’s an honor to thrive in the same trade our ancestors did to make a living years ago. Valentine Masonry is operated by three brothers and we spend a lot of time out on our jobs, not just in the office. This is what sets us apart from a lot of other masonry companies.  We have had the opportunity to work at a few masonry companies besides our fathers’ company a handful of years ago and we learned what to do and what not to do. We were able to see different perspectives in order to properly get things done and see how to operate a masonry company successfully. Being out on the jobsite and working alongside our employees not only helps production, quality & safety; it helps us see our company from an employee perspective and really see where changes can benefit our company and employees.

We believe hard work pays off in the end so we show up on new projects to meet expectations and push schedules. Having a project finish early is good for the client and the other contractors on a job, teamwork with other contractors is how this is accomplished and that’s how we operate on jobsites. We are committed to finishing projects ahead of schedule or on time, it’s unacceptable otherwise. Valentine Masonry will never subcontract any of the work we bid to another masonry company. The client will always get Valentine masonry employees ensuring safety, quality, & production. We feel very humbled knowing that our name means quality and that we are quickly being recognized as one of the paramount masonry contractors in central Ohio.

Valentine Masonry offers very competitive wages along with a bonus program. We believe high wages bring better quality on our projects, we’ve proven this. It’s also nice that our employees can enjoy bonuses every week to show their hard work pays off and our appreciation for that as well. Pay scale is determined by merit at our company, we do have a bottom in our scale and compared to many other companies it is still considered medium to high. We feel that if you need to pay a mason a low wage they most likely don’t need to be at our company representing us as a mason. We don’t only hire in masons at our company, we train them through our apprenticeship program. We will continue to hire and train the next generation of masons.

We have completed a number of commercial buildings majority of them being schools. We will entertain bids for any commercial buildings and also residential jobs. Masonry is more to us than just making money, it’s about building structures that can be admired and appreciated by the clients and people living in and passing through the community. 

Integrity is everything when today it’s few and far between – Anthony T. Valentine, Vice President

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